About audio books: A response to the Swedish newspaper series of opinion pieces regarding audio books and their impact on reading and the Swedish book industry at large… (read more here.)

Artist statement for my manuscript in Swedish: Jag intresserar mig för det latenta, det angelägna, det ofrånkomliga i familjeband. Detta är mitt projekt. Bokens fyra berättelser utspelar sig i Singapore. En far kommer hem… (read more here.)

Acquiring a new language: In acquiring a new language, you are asked to establish the Self first. By stating one’s name, current location and place of origin so as to situate the figure in space. I can’t help but feel that the exclusion of time is significant… (read more here.)

Lovers: He throws it out there, he thinks, like a spark meant to illuminate a dark patch of field. He wants to show her that greener pastures lie beyond. He asks if she would consider relocating… (read more here.)